LIMIT EAK April 30th Yoyogi gym
The first match: Hayashi & Hikaru were the first tag team so they ran idle with their verve. Then Uemastu & RAN won. RAN's running elbow hit Hayashi's chin, though Hayashi showed her tenacity.

The second match: Hirota appeared wearing the costume of Jushin Rigor who is in rivalry with Aiger. In the middle of the match her corner man Okino, suddenly oke into the ring.

Aiger won over Hirota via a powder attack and stretch skill, JUBAKU.

The third match: Yoshida tried to do her finishing move submission to Amano suddenly at the same time her ring in. Amano wades to escape. After that, Yoshida gained her strength to over escape twice. Amano altered the course of this match with her head attack and then she got escape via jumping cross. But Yoshida won via Air ride crush.

The fourth match: Ozaki & KAORU & Takako appeared with Police who soon might be banished permanently. Ozaki team fought against Kansai team who were bigger than Ozaki team with weapons and Police's eaking into. KAORU did swan tone bomb from the second floor. At last, Ozaki got over Devil via Police's green mist blast-off.

The fifth match: Hotta team caught flat-footed to use a chain to Toyota team. Then they didn't give Toyota's team any chance to fight with them. Toyota & Yamada fought against them using their good combination. But as the referee was down, they could not win over the Hotta team. At last, Hotta who pretended to be down kicked Toyota. But the referee couldn't have noticed her eaking the rule and Toyota lost.

The sixth match: Japanese Kong vs. American Kong met in a heavy weight crash match.

Aja threw into a punch over and over but she soon got out of trouble with her twice back hand attack. And then the tide turned. At the end of the match, she took off her gloves and then she used her backhand attack with her naked hand to Amazing Kong. She won.

She grabbed the microphone and screamed, g I'm a real KONG!!!!"

The seventh match: Around the end of the match the champion team tried to get the victory via their finishing move but the challenger team avoided it by their temper.

Both teams were almost going down. At last, the challenger team won by their energy.

The incoming and out going best tag team's match was the best bout in this Yoyogi show.

Living legend beat present champion. Living legend was still alive.

The final match: A quiet battle fought in alternate and defense styles. Hamada's snow slide Frankenstein made Satomura fall out of the ring. It touched off an attractive match. Satomura made a counter attack to Hamada via her strong kick though she got the damage. Satomura did death valley bomb from AX kick to Hamada, and then Hamada did AP cross from Spin kick to Satomura. This struggle seemed to be a mirror set at to each other. This kind of struggle was keeping for a while.

In the middle of the match, Hamada released Mexican joint skill. But Satomura didn't give up. At last, she made a success to defeat the champion via scorpion rising.

After the match, Amazing Kong oke into the ring then sooner or later Aja Kong appeared.

They slapped each other's hands quickly, and both attacked Satomura and Hamada.

Next D-Fix joined this struggle, the situation thrown into confusion in the ring.

W Kong who did shock united appealed to challenge for the AAAW championship very soon.

Their wonder and threat was the ending of 9th anniversary and the starting of 10th anniversary.

The first match: Hayashi & Hikaru vs. Uematsu & RAN
RAN won (11'14" Running elbow)

The second match: Hirota vs. Aiger
Aiger won (7'32" Jubaku)

The third match: Amano vs. Yoshida
Yoshida won (11'27" Air ride crash)

The fourth match: Devil & Kansai & Eagle vs. Ozaki & KAORU & Inoue
Ozaki won (13'28" Shining Yakuza)

The fifth match: Toyota & Yamada vs. Hotta & Maekawa
Hotta won (14'54" Pyramid driver)

The sixth match: Aja Kong vs. Amazing Kong
Aja won (16'15" naked back hand drop)

The seventh match: Sugar & Nagashima vs. Nagayo vs. Aska
Nagayo won (19'28" Toe kick)

The final match: Hamada vs. Satomura
Satomura won (24'07" Scorpion rising)