JUNCTION May 5th Korakuen Hall
The fourth match: Around the end of this match, a guy with a suit oke into the ring.

He waved around a bag and hit Sugar with it. Ozaki watched and waited for her chance, she attacked Sugar and won. A guy with a suit seemed to be Police who had been banished. Wearing an eternal disguised he introduced himself as g Salary man" and he gave Pres. Kimura a business card and then left the venue.

The semi final match: Hamada took a red belt, which is the symbol of Japan Women Pro Wrestling federation, and provoked Satomura. But she didn't get upset at all and then showed good combination with Toyata who had been her tag partner for the first time. Satomura won. She showed her dignity as the new champion.

The final match: Aja Kong & Amazing Kong challenged the new tag champions Nagayo & Aska. Aja & Amazing couldn't afford that Nagayo & Aska did anything by there overwhelms and they became a new tag champions in five minutes. Nagayo lost the belt in five days, besides Amazing crushed her to death. She sent Nagayo to hospital.

The first match: Hayashi vs Ran
Ran won (6'53" Running elbow)

The second match: Hirota vs. Yamada
Yamada won (6'04" Give up)

The third match: Emits & Ran vs. Devil & Carlos
Carlos won (11'54" Carlos Gone)

The fourth match: Sugar & Anathema vs. Ozaki & Kaoru
Ozaki won (15'45" Rigger bomb)

The semi final match: Satomura & Toyota vs. Hamada & Kansai
Toyota won (13'08" Queen bee bomb)

The final match: Nagao & Aska vs. Aja & Amazing
Amazing won (9'18" Rigger bomb)