NEW ENERGY # September 20, 2004
The first match: Hayashi got her first win since she made her debut. She got a pin over Hikaru who's considered a strong possibility as the next ace of All Japan Women Pro Wrestling Federation. The entire crowd became wildly excited by her unexpected win. The third match: A big heel Shark Tsuchiya, joined the GAEA mat. Nagashima had direct negotiations with her for a no rule match. However, she fought with Shark who wielded a chair, a barbed wire and shinai very hard. Suddenly a masked wrestler oke into the ring and then she hit at her pate by shinai. Then Shark forced her down.
Shark recommended Aska, who was her ex heel partner, to change to a heel wrestler again.
She said that she was waiting for Aska's answer later and then she left.
The fourth match: Nagayo & Aska & Sugar made a trio. They got a pin over Ozaki and then Shark appeared again. She pressed Aska for an answer but Aska kept saying nothing, she just looked at her. In the mean time, she took Damp Matsumoto's new company into the ring. Nagayo was very excited to see her long time contender on the other side. Aska was at a loss and then left the ring.
The final match: Toyota & Amano challenged Aja & Amazing Kong who had never lost.
Although Toyota & Amano was at a disadvantage in ability, Toyota got over Amazing Kong contrary to all expectations. The crowd went mad with joy at this unexpected title change.

The first match: Kansai & Hayashi vs. Devil & Hikaru
Hayashi won (9'41" Spine baster)

The second match: Hirota vs. AKINO
AKINO won (10'15" Dial figure)

The third mach: Nagashima vs. Shark
Shark won (15'39" Rariat)

The semi final match: Nagayo & Aska & Sugar vs. Ozaki & Uematsu & RAN
Sugar won (13'43" RAIDEN)

The final match: Aja & Amazing vs. Carlos & Toyota
Toyota won (17'27" J.O Queen bee bomb)