GAEA 10th anniversary Yokohama Final Impact April 3rd . Yokohama Bunka Gym
The first match: Jaguar vs Mizumura
Jaguar won ( 11'03h Pin hole)

THE FIRST MATCH: The beginning of this match started slowly. Jaguar attacked Mizumura, who only has a very short career, by basic technique. Around the middle of the match Mizumura tried to get a pin over Jaguar. When Jaguar tried to escape, Mizumura got her back to the center of the ring. Also Nagayo & Aska, who were corner men for Mizumura, pulled the rope to not let Jaguar escape. And when Jaguar caught Mizumura, they pushed the rope to help her. But the tide turned on Jaguar by her lariat. She tried to get Mizumura over by All Japan Women Pro wrestling style. Mizumura waded through to put her shoulder up and then she revenged Jaguar from body slam to push Jaguar by All Japan Women Pro Wrestling style. The crowd was excited by her display of guts. But in the mean time, Jaguar pushed her again and she got a count of three. The oldest wrestler in the female pro wrestling industry Jaguar, against the 17 year old with a 6-month career Mizumura, resulted in a very good and interesting match showing their difference in careers.
The second match: Hirota vs Shimoda
Shimoda won ( 11'04h Suplex hold)

THE SECOND MATCH: Hirota appeared in the ring with Hokuto's costume. But when she took the robe off, underneath she was wearing Mita's costume. Nagayo took Mita who came to see GAEA show, to the ringside and made her a fake corner man. When the gong rang, Hirota imitated Mita's husky voice and she constructed the match by only using this. Shimoda was difficult to catch her pace in this match. Around the end of the match, Hirota tried to use her favorite finishing move, but failed. At last Shimoda threw Hirota and got a pin over Hirota by suplex.
The third match: Kansai & AKINO & GAMI vs Ozaki & Hamada & Amazing Kong
Hamada won ( 25'52h from AP cross to Pinhole)

THE THIRD MATCH: Ozaki, Hamada and Amazing Kong appeared with the D-Fix theme music. From the first, Hamada and Amazing Kong got in the ring with Ozaki, Police and KAORU who was holding crutches made by barbed wire. So a big shout went up in the venue. Heel wrestlers lead this match and they caught GAMI but AKINO of baby face wrestlers struggled in the match and changed the bad movement. Then Kansai blew up. She kicked Ozaki off and she fought with Amazing Kong evenly. She also got Amazing Kong who was on the corner post, and threw at her stirring. When Amazing Kong returned it, Kansai did foot stamp twice. Amazing Kong got over it and she did back hand blow to Kansai strongly. And Hamada got into by spin kick three times. But by that time GAMI had recovered. She did running megaphone to Ozaki with bloody face and jumped to Hamada liger bomb with both of them standing on the top rope. Almost all the audience supported GAMI. She was fighting to the finish from lariat to adios amigo but then Police oke into her. All the audience was booing him. At once Ozaki crushed a piece of desk that KAORU gave to her on GAMI's head and Hamada did AP cross and she won.

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